English is a universal language, which is spoken across the globe. It is an important means of communication and connects people from all parts of the world. Spoken English is widely used in colleges, universities, workplace, social gatherings, during interviews and in many other situations. People who have a good command over the language feel confident where as it is an embarrassment for those who do not know the language perfectly..

The Importance of English

Do you know, what is the importance of English language in our lives? Well, it is considered to be one of the most important languages in the world, today. It does not mean that other languages have no importance but we can say that they are not as widely used as English. The language has gained importance because it truely connects the world together.

English - The Universal Language

The language is spoken by a large number of people and thus has attained the status of a universal language. Its importance is felt by the fact that more and more people leave their country for business, travel and most importantly for studying abroad. People who go abroad to pursue higher studies can have only English as the medium of study. This way, English bridges the gap and make it a lot more easier for a student to study in a foreign land.


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